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Simon Sails the High Seas

Simon and Family

“ It was a great time for us as a family. ”

- Simon's Mom

An evening at home led to the discovery of pediatric melanoma on Simon’s arm when he was 9.

Fortunately things started looking better following a year of shot therapy. He then started a 5-year plan for skin checks and general well being. His family feels fortunate that treatments and surgery did not completely take away his everyday life.

Simon and his sister had talked about wanting to go on a cruise before discussing it as a wish option with Make-A-Wish® Eastern North Carolina. His mom said he loves the water and likes to explore and learn new things.

Simon’s favorite moment of his cruise wish was when the captain of the Royal Caribbean ship spent about 45 minutes with him on the bridge. His mom said he was fascinated and that “going on the bridge is at the top of his list.”

“It was a great time for us as a family, to get away and experience something new and not worry about the stress of everyday life and to be together,” said Simon’s mom.

  • Simon and Family

  • Simon swimming with dolphins

  • Simon on the cruise

  • Simon and his family at port

  • Simon takes the controls

  • Make-A-Wish flag flying above the ship

  • Simon and his sister meet the Chef

  • Simon and his family at port

  • Simon at port

  • Simon and his sister meet in the cockpit

  • Simon takes the controls

  • Simon and his sister meet the chefs

  • Simon and his sister meet the captain

  • Simon enjoying ice cream!

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