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Lauren dances with a star at Walt Disney World® Resort

Lauren and Jasmine and Aladdin

“ So to see her get to be a ‘typical’ 6-year-old just took my breath away. ”

- Kati, Lauren's Mother

Lauren’s wish experience as told by her mom, Kati.

"Words can't begin to express the thanks we hold in our hearts to Make-A-Wish®. It was truly amazing to spend a week TOGETHER as a family without the worry and stress of our typical life. Lauren has been through so much and is so brave. So to see her get to be a 'typical' 6-year-old just took my breath away.

My most memorable moment of the whole trip was while we were at Magic Kingdom. We attended 'Story Time with Belle', an interactive story telling with Princess Belle. They give some of the kids a character to be, then they enter a room where Belle comes out and the story is performed by Belle and the kids. Lauren was given the role as Beast (funny to me because she was the smallest one there), but later I understood why.

Toward the end they told me to walk down the center aisle with Lauren toward Belle. I did and as we approached closer to Belle, she took both of Lauren's hands and they started dancing. More like swaying because Lauren's legs don’t move like that, but to Lauren they were DANCING!! My daughter was dancing with her most favorite princess of all time! Belle was very gentle and kind with her. I was a blubbering mess watching them! My husband, who could see the rest of the audience, said there were lots of tears in the crowd as well. And when they were all done, Belle knelt down to Lauren's level and wrapped her arms around Lauren in a huge hug! I am surprised my daughter ever let Belle go. It was truly an amazing moment!

What Make-A-Wish® does is give kids who have been through more than most adults ever face in their life, a breath of fresh air and new hope. I know for us, it was a time of healing together as a family. We spend so much time apart in the hospital and at appointments that we get accustomed to the 'divide and conquer' approach because we have no other choice. It is Lauren with mom, and the boys with dad. So to be together as a family in a positive, uplifting environment was priceless. I also got to spend some special time with my boys which I miss out on a lot because I am with Lauren. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways along this medical journey of Lauren's and Make-A-Wish® is one of those amazing blessings He has gifted us. Thank you!"

  • Lauren at Disney

  • Lauren and Mickey

  • Lauren at Disney

  • Lauren at Disney

  • Lauren and Belle

  • Lauren and Belle

  • Lauren with Aladdin and Jasmine

  • Lauren and her family at Epcot

  • Lauren and her family at Disney

  • Lauren and Minnie

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