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Jensen's San Diego Zoo Wish

  • Jensen finding out his wish is being granted

  • students and staff from Apex Friendship High School

  • Getting up close with a friendly giraffe

  • At the Duke Lemur Center

  • Jensen & his dad at the San Diego Zoo

  • making friends with an orca whale

“ Our family could go and watch Jensen experience so many amazing things! ”

- mom, Amelia

  • Jensen , 7

    • cardiac condition
    • I wish to go to the San Diego Zoo

Upon first meeting 7-year-old Jensen, his wish granters knew immediately that this little boy LOVED animals! At any moment his favorite show, Wild Kratts, was either playing on TV or online to play the educational games. Within minutes at his wish discovery meeting he was talking about spiders, giant squids, and rescue animals of all kinds! Jensen’s wish would involve as many animals as possible – a visit to the world-renowned San Diego Zoo would be the perfect fit!

Jensen's father proudly serves in the United States Army, stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, with an upcoming deployment scheduled. Looking forward to Jensen’s wish would provide the whole family an optimistic goal to get through the difficult time ahead.

Our Kids for Wish Kids partner, Apex Friendship High School, worked hard throughout the school year to raise money and grant Jensen’s wish. The family worked with the school throughout the year, speaking with clubs and students, sharing their story and helping the students see how important their support was. That team work was the key -- the school completed their fundraising goal well before the end of the school year! A wish engages entire communities in life-changing moments and the staff and students of Apex Friendship High School were about to see that first-hand. |

As Jensen’s dad’s return date approached, our amazing wish granters got to work planning a surprise wish delivery party for the family. The Duke Lemur Center hosted the reveal (more animals for Jensen to see!) with members of Apex Friendship High School there to help with the surprise. Jensen was treated to a private tour of the lemur facility where at the end, he entered the activity room and was surprised with the news that his wish to go to the San Diego Zoo was being granted!

Jensen & his family were off to experience the San Diego Zoo all done at his pace "Jensen was able to explore the zoo and meet animals up close without having to be completely exhausted (it is very common for him to be so exhausted from walking around or just being out in the heat that we have to cut our outings short). Having the VIP tour of the zoo via golf cart was an incredible way for him to save his energy and still get to have an amazing time. The whole trip was a very welcome break from doctors appointments and medical tests. We are so happy our family could go and watch Jensen experience so many amazing things!" ~ mom, Amelia

A wish isn’t just a single moment in time, but an entire experience created specifically for each wish child. Jensen’s wish was time together as a family to create unforgettable memories.

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