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Gift of Stock

A gift to Make-A-Wish of stock held more than one year enables a donor to:

• avoid all capital gains tax on the appreciated portion of the stock;
• receive a charitable deduction for its full current market value;
• make a larger gift than might be otherwise possible.

Make your gift of stock to Make-A-Wish by transferring securities directly to Make-A-Wish’s broker at Wells Fargo:

Christopher Coman
Wells Fargo
DTC: 0141
Account number: 8337-0289
Account name: Make-A-Wish Foundation of Eastern NC
Federal Tax ID #: 58-1792140

You can also send or deliver Make-A-Wish the stock certificate(s) and a signed stock power of attorney in separate envelopes. For security purposes do not mail them together.

In order to properly credit your gift, please have your broker inform our office about this transfer by calling 919-635-2105.
Make-A-Wish® Eastern North Carolina
3809 Computer Drive
Suite 201
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 821-7111
Toll Free (800) 432-9474